My Methodist Campus fellowship Experience

My Methodist Campus Fellowship Experience.

Egbo Emmanuel

You see, my Methodist Campus Fellowship experience didn’t start yesterday or few month back. It was something that took me off my feet for long. The love she showered me was so much that on daily basic I always share this love! She is out of this world, she’s the best you can find on campus, Methodist Campus Fellowship is indeed the abundant life Family.

Anytime, METHODIST CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP comes to my mind, I feel relaxed! Want to know why? Sure, I will definitely tell you the reason. You see, METHODIST CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP is more than an acronym that stands for METHODIST CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP, Methodist Campus Fellowship represents Love, yes another name you can call METHODIST CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP is FAMILY. It all started in the year 2016 at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, when I went down to the school waiting for the school’s supplementary list to be out. Yea, I applied to study Medicine and surgery ( yea that’s right but that’s a long story for now),  but since my POST UTME result was low so I shopped for a course Agricultural Extension in the Faculty of  Agriculture.

My first encounter

I got down to the school on a Friday, and was in someone’s hostel for two days, the room was empty as they were no bound between the roommate and me. On the Sunday of that week the individual I was to stay with, Bro Chukwuemeka Onwumere, who at that time was the General Secretary came back to school (he travelled for something urgent that was why I had to put up with the other Guy). I happened to be coming back into school from a Sunday service outside school when he called. He said “Emmanuel you can now come to Christ Church to get the key, I’m school now”.  When I got to the place it happens that the service was on. He came out met me and asked me to please come in and worship with them, it was not a big deal, so I jejely went inside the hall. It was my first encounter with this awesome set of family. I can’t remember who shared the word with us but the service was indeed the best I have ever had. As the service was about to end, the popular question of “is there any first time worship in the house? Please stand lets recognize you”.  I stood and supplied every detail that was required of me. From that instance it seems as if I was the newest baby of the house, the welcoming attitude and kind gesture marveled me. Some went to the extent of telling me to feel around them and not to hesitate to ask them for help when I’m in need. So my brethren nah so the love continue, whenever I come for fellowship one question they seem to ask was, “hope Chukwuemeka is treating you well? Do you need anything? Are you finding anything difficult? And so on. The first Methodist Campus Fellowship zonal convention I attended was as a student from UNN. Well University of Nigeria Nsukka brought out the remaining list and my name was not there. They encourage me and told me to be of good cheers. Yes I was actually admitted to Institute of Management and Technology but wanted to be far from home.

How it Ended

Got down to Institute of Management and Technology and I searched for Methodist Campus Fellowship, lo and behold she was there, the Institute of Management and Technology branch welcomed me with great love too. So you see, the love is everywhere in METHODIST CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP. The love was excess the love continued and I had to share it to anyone that comes across my side. At Institute of Management and Technology, the journey into METHODIST CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP got deep. During the 2017 zonal convention held at Wesley Cathedral in Enugu State, I happen to be called in as the new zonal  PRO I for Enugu Zone. It was a blessing to my chapter, the zone and myself.  At the 2018 zonal convention I was reappointed to become the zonal PRO of which I handed over to a new PRO this time around at the 2019 , not from Institute of Management and Technology chapter but from UNN chapter as I got admitted to study computer statistic after finishing my ND Program at Institute of Management and Technology.

My journey in METHODIST CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP is indeed a sweet one. I will love to hear your story. Just click here and send in your story.


MCF!!! Gods battle axe………


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