Dear Battle Axe,

 Do you know anything about Methodist Campus Fellowship Logo? Yes, MCF LOGO You probably know what it looks like but would you like to know know more?


The Methodist Campus Fellowship Logo consist of an  Axe  with a  flame of fire , all standing on the  Bible . The colours of the Fellowship as expressed in the Logo is  red, blue and white.

The emblem of the Bible in the logo symbolizes the rock upon which the Fellowship is built.

The Axe symbolizes the arrow head of exploit and the preparedness of the Fellowship for the battles and challenges of the faith and for the aggressive evangelism of conquering the nations

The flame of fire in the logo symbolizes the active power of Holy Spirit in the Church.

The red colour represents the flame of fire and the blue colour represents the splendour of grace.

Isn’t it awesome? Yes it is. The next time you see that sister, share this information with her and don’t forget the brothers too.

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